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James with girlfriend Sarah Kamely and friends.

James with girlfriend Sarah Kamely and friends.


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Sterek Resurrection AU

After Derek’s death, Stiles goes through hell to bring him back. Only Derek is not entirely himself coming back from the dead - more distant and sullen. He doesn’t remember much of the afterlife but he’s almost certain he was reunited with his family, finally at peace. He doesn’t have to tell heart to tell Stiles ripped him from all this.

Derek struggles to readjust with the living as Stiles grows more and more drawn to the dark powers within him. Together they fight to return to the way things were.

Isaac Lahey in “Tattoo”

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Alpha Derek and his fatherly advice.

HEARTBREAKER: What does Derek Hale know about being a teenager, sitting in the passenger seat while your sister drives, silent, tear tracks on her face, dripping down her chin, hungry but not wanting to say anything, knowing you’ll throw up if you try to eat anything anyhow, living in a shitty apartment, working nights, living on takeout and dry cereal, watching the days tick by, not wanting to notice, when you would have taken the SATs or gone to prom or senior cut day, trying to take up less and less space, trying.

Nobody knows how to break a heart quite like Helenish.

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Writer Sign Ups


Guess what, I’m going to be super annoying about this, guys! ☺

Sign up to write for my bb (or BB…what, it’s my bb too.) and I’ll probably write you smut for any BTR pairing ever. Maybe. If I have time. Heh?

Okay look, it’s all easy squeezy lemon peazy (sp?) this year, guys. We just want you to write. I just want to read your all of your words ever. Sign up sign up sign up!

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